Custom vs Generic Training

Make your training dollars count.

What kind of training will benefit your employee and your company in the most impactful way?

There are many training companies offering classes. These classes can be in person or online with a live instructor. I teach both. The classes can be small, just a few people, or much larger up to 12 people for hands on training. I’ve lectured to rooms filled with 50-100+ people. The hands on labs I TA for at Adobe Max have 120 people in them.

Large classroom of students on computers learning

Video training through sites like LinkedInLearning, Pluralsight and Skillshare are other valuable training tools. I have authored classes for Skillshare and Pluralsight. Learning from a video can be difficult. For beginners with no experience it is particularly difficult. Watching videos requires carving out dedicated, uninterrupted learning time. It takes a little longer because students can’t ask questions are figuring out everything on their own.

Student struggling on computer

As a trainer, I can tell you that I can only teach as fast as the slowest learner. I don’t leave anyone behind. Some classes are full of quick learners and we go above and beyond my planned curriculum, but this is rare. More often there is at least one person struggling to keep up who gets most of my attention. This means we stick with the planned curriculum and don’t have much time, if any for questions about students’ current needs and challenges.

I prefer to teach one on one, or to small groups in the same company. This allows me to customize my teaching around the needs of the student and teach them exactly what they need to know. This immediately benefits the student / employee and benefits the company they work for.

One on one computer training between 2 women

Each case is a little different. We start at the beginning. If a student is a complete beginner, we begin the classroom curriculum and work our way up. If a student has some experience and has been working on projects, we start there. Using the students’ actual work files is a much more valuable and satisfying training experience. They learn specific skills they need to do perform their job and they don’t waste time on skills they don’t need. This targeted approach is much more efficient and cost effective. It’s a win / win for student / employee and employer.

The best part is that the price is the same. I charge a daily rate for training which is competitive to companies offering classes online. Over the last 10 years, I have taught for many of the companies offering online and in person classes and continue to teach for some of them. I prefer teaching “custom consulting” classes one on one or in small groups. You can have me teach you through a company in a class with up to 12 other students, generic curriculum for all or you have my undivided attention, one on one.

I have helped many students complete tasks and learn essential skills including:
Creating  books / brochures /  ads / long documents in InDesign
Building / redesigning / updating websites in Dreamweaver and using HTML & CSS
Creating ads / banners / graphics and more in Illustrator
Retouching photos / creating ads / mock ups and more in Photoshop

Spend your training dollars wisely. Custom training / consulting will give you the best bang for your buck. Hope to see you or your employees in a custom class soon!


Case Studies

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