Adobe Creative Cloud Classes

Personalized One on One Creative Cloud Training

Adobe Creative Cloud Classes

Creative Cloud Bootcamp - 5-6 days*

Prerequisite: None.

Please use a mouse or similar device or a Wacom tablet (not a track pad on a laptop).

Custom classes for small groups or one on one are our passion. We start with the basics and assess your current skill level. We can use classroom files or your files or usually a combination of both to customize your training to fit your specific needs. Learn tips and tricks and speed up your workflow.

Our Bootcamp classes cover Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign. Learn the basics of all the applictions and how they all work together. Discover your personal workflow and take away tips and tricks that are specific to what you with these powerful applications.

The number of days recommended for this class are dependant upon your current skill level and what you will be creating in InDesign. We spend 2 days in Photoshop, 2 days in Illustrator and 1or 2 days in InDesign.

*We highly recommend that you break up these days and take this class over a few weeks or longer if possible. Other training companies knock it out in a week. Taking time between the days gives you time assimilate the information and practice what you have learned. You will retain more and come back with relevant questions.

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