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Frequently Asked Questions

What makes you different from any other trainer or company?

Other trainers and companies stick with the set curriculum. They teach out of the book and never stray from the topics in front them. I focus on you - your workflow - your files - your job.

I also encourage you to take time between your classes. If you are wanting to learn several applications or even just one app, take a few days or weeks in between to let each day of training sink in and come back with real world experience and questions. Other training companies feed you all of the information at once which can be very overwhelming. We can also record your class at your request so you can go back an remember what did at any time.

We schedule classes when they work for you. You aren't bound to a set date on a calendar. You'll never have your class canceled due to low enrollment (many companies require a minimum of 3 students or they cancel) - the whole point is that it's just us.

What if I have questions a week or a month after I take your class?

Please, feel free to contact me anytime with questions. Classes can be recorded at your request so you can look back to jog your memory. I use the Adobe Classroom in a Book series as a base and reference. I always recommend my students purchase a copy for themselves. This gives you a printed referece to keep on your shelf.

Can you just design my flyer or brochure / create my website / fix my photos for me?

Nope. I will hold your hand and walk you through everything step by step to make sure you can do it yourself. Free yourself from having to rely on outside help from graphic designers and web designers. Learning to do it yourself will save you thousands of dollars and the headache of dealing with contractors.

Will you come to my company and teach for us?

Absolutely! If you are local to the Denver Metro Area I am happy to drive to your location. I also fly all over the country to teach whole departments in a single company.

I have been using Photoshop for 10+ years, will I learn something in your classes?

I have taught complete beginners and very experienced users. Many experienced users are self-taught. It's a long, bumpy, frustrating road learning on your own - I know - I did it, too. I know what self-taught users don't know. It's those "oh, wow!" moments when you realize what you've been missing. You will learn how to speed up your workflow and become more efficent. There are always several ways to do the same thing, but some are faster than others.


Have more questions? Just ask!